Community Housing Developers

Applicant Qualification

CHD Applicant Qualification

All of CHD’s properties are Affordable Housing Properties.
Please note the following is provided for informational purposes only, to give a general overview of resident policy and lease terms. We reserve the right to change or alter any of the following at any time, without notice.

Applicants MUST meet income and household size requirements in order to qualify:

  • Yearly household gross income must meet strict very low to low average median income (AMI) standards in order to qualify for most properties.
  • Household size requirements must be met/maintained throughout duration of lease, depending on property and number of bedrooms in rented unit.
  • Monthly gross income must be at least 2.5 times rent amount.
  • Please Contact Us, and let us know which of our Available Properties you are interested in. We would love to see if you qualify to join the CHD family and are happy to provide you with further information.

Resident Selection Policy

The following information could render an application unacceptable:

  • Household annual income must not exceed the program income limits of the property the household is applying;
  • Incorrect number of persons applying for residence based on the unit. The household composition must be appropriate for the apartment to which one is applying:
Studio 1 Minimum - Maximum 2
1 Bedroom 1 Minimum - Maximum 3
2 Bedroom 2 Minimum - Maximum 5
3 Bedroom 3 Minimum - Maximum 7 *
4 Bedroom 4 Minimum - Maximum 9 *

*Some properties require a minimum of 4 persons for 3 bedrooms and 6 persons for 4 bedrooms. For these specific properties, please CONTACT US.

  • Program eligibility determines whether applicants are eligible to reside in the specific property to which they have applied;
  • Past performance in meeting financial obligations, especially rent paying, or; an applicant receives monthly income less than the amount equal to two and a half times the rent of the apartment he/she is interested in renting. (We do not allow co-signers.)
  • Current and prior landlords will be contacted to determine rent paying history, disturbance of neighbors, destruction of property or housekeeping habits what would pose a threat to other residents, as well as a negative landlord reference from a former landlord.
  • Unlawful detainers (Evictions);
  • Bankruptcies in the past seven years;
  • Unpaid judgments, collections, liens and bankruptcies exceeding $5,000;
  • Repossessions within the past two years, excluding voluntary repossessions;
  • Unpaid utility bills (Electric, Gas, Water/Sewer and Garbage);
  • Unpaid balance due a prior landlord;
  • Management will check the Credit History with the landlord references and application to be sure that the applicant reported all the addresses where he/she has lived and any other pertinent information. If there are inconsistencies in the information, the Management will ask the applicant about the discrepancies. If no acceptable explanation can be provided and it appears the applicant falsified information on the application, the applicant will be rejected/crossed out from the Waiting List and a letter will be sent to the applicant informing them of this fact;
  • A household member with any Felony will be denied. (within 7 years of incident);
  • A household member involved in drug-related criminal activity with a misdemeanor or felony conviction;
  • A household member convicted of drug-related criminal activity for manufacture or production of methamphetamine on the premises of federally assisted housing will not be approved for residency under any circumstances;
  • A household member currently engaged in use of a drug or if the owner has reasonable cause to believe that a household member’s illegal use of a drug or pattern of illegal use may interfere with the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other residents will not be approved for residency;
  • A household member who is subject to lifetime registration requirement under a State Sex Offender Registration Program will not be admitted under any circumstances. The Property Manager will check the names of all adults applying for housing through the sex offender registry in each state where each adult has lived;
  • A household member’s abuse or pattern of abuse of alcohol that interferes with the health, safety, or peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other residents;
  • A household member who has been involved in drug related criminal activity or violent criminal activity or other criminal and ongoing criminal activity that is current or an indication of repeated criminal behavior will not be approved for residency;
  • Community Housing Developers requires a household to exclude an offending household member that has committed acts that would result in denial of admission to the housing program or to continue to reside in the assisted units;
  • An applicant’s misrepresentation of any information related to eligibility, allowance, household composition or rent.

Being eligible, however, is not an entitlement to housing.  Every applicant must meet the Resident Selection Policy.  This policy is used to demonstrate the applicant’s suitability as a resident using verified information on past behavior to document the applicant’s ability, either alone or with assistance, to comply with essential Lease provisions and any other rules governing tenancy.

Available Units

Summerset property


Set in a quiet and secluded residential neighborhood, this 43-unit complex offers one-, two-, and three-bedroom family apartments.

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Cahteau property


Chateau Villa is a three-building two-story complex with 25 one- and two-bedroom family apartments in a peaceful, private, and secluded location.

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Pacific Plaza

Pacific Plaza

Pacific Plaza Apartments are in a prime location just off the historic El Camino Real in Sunnyvale. This residence is conveniently located near shopping, parks, museums, and great schools.

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